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Our team works seamlessly, and we're focused on helping you reach your best health possible.

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Mark Liponis, M.D.

Internal and Integrative Medicine

Dr. Liponis is most importantly a caring and expert clinician. His experience in both Internal and Integrative medicine give him a unique perspective and ability to address the entire person, not just a part or a condition. His experience, compassion, attentiveness and humor are your best medicine for a healthy life. This is the kind of medicine he wants to practice, finally!

Kathryn Duffy
Concierge Health Coordinator

Many of you already know Kathryn; she's been acting as Executive Assistant to Dr. Liponis for over a decade. Her warmth, caring, hard work and attentiveness make Kathryn a tremendous asset for our practice. Kathryn can make just about anything happen!

Marie Keisch, RN
Nurse Educator

Marie is so much more than a Registered Nurse; she also has decades of experience in prevention and integrative medicine. She has been working directly with Dr. Liponis for over a decade and has tremendous amounts of experience in all aspects of adult medicine. Marie's kind, careful, wise and expert care is the epitome of what nursing is all about.


Also offering advanced noninvasive cosmetic and collagen-building therapy

We are also providing cutting-edge noninvasive cosmetic therapy with high intensity focused ultrasound, as well as PT for Achilles' and other tendon problems with Hivamat oscillator treatment.


You'll love the ease and accessibility of our office, located at 218 Main Street in Lenox, Massachusetts. We are now in the Keator building on the east side of Main Stree.t.

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